The College supports units who adopt The College Drupal distribution with basic migration assistance. We can help make the transition from your existing site to your new one manageable using the process below. 

Phase 1: Scripted migration

This phase can be done quickly through automated scripts run after creating the new dev site. It recreates the structure of your existing site within the new dev site.



  • Pages

  • URLs

  • Menus

  • Body content

 The College

Phase 2: Manual migration

In this phase, content not captured by the migration script is copied to the new site. This phase might be a large effort depending on the size of the site.



  • Landing pages with panel content

  • Images and files

  Team effort

Phase 3: Advanced migration

This part of the migration captures the highly customized aspects of the site. The unit is responsible for deciding what to keep, what to change and what to discard in moving to the new distribution.


  • Custom content types

  • Advanced configurations and functionality like workflows, views, rules


Phase 4: Review and update

At this point we'll work together to review the dev site to make sure all the content has been migrated. After that, we can update pages with new designs and take advantage of the new features like animation, background video, etc.


  • Migration review

  • New content and design

 Team effort

Phase 5: Launch

When the dev site is ready, The College handles the launch process. We work with Pantheon to setup the live environment, initialize hosting payment and work with UTO for DNS changes. 

  • Sign SLA with unit
  • The launch process can take up to 10 days.
  • Previous site will still be accessible from dev URL

 The College