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Support policies

Service Severity Initial response* Resolution timeline

The College Drupal 8 distribution update (Includes Drupal core, contributed and custom modules contained within the distribution)

Medium N/A, no request from unit required Resolved in 1-2 weeks, depending on update criticality. 
Security vulnerability remediation (as identified by RiskSense scans)  High N/A, no request from unit required

Resolved 1-6 weeks, depending on severity.

Resolution will be in line with ASU’s RiskSense remediation procedures.

Work with vendors to establish service or troubleshoot and solve issues on vendor platforms that impact unit sites
Medium 1-2 days

Start resolution within 1-3 days.

Unit notified via The College ticketing system upon issue resolution.

Incident support (website down, inaccessible, or unable to perform critical function)
High Within 4 hours

Begin resolution same day.

Update unit daily via The College ticketing system until issue is resolved.

Bug fixes (inconveniences and issues that do not impair a site’s critical functionality)
Low 2-4 days

Best effort to resolve bugs in next scheduled distribution update, unless update is already scheduled for release within 2 weeks.

Update unit via The College ticketing system upon issue resolution.

Training and consultation
Low 1-3 days

Training dates dependent upon The College web team availability.

Share training or consultation via email within 1-3 days.

*Business days/hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except ASU holidays

The following items are not covered under this agreement:

  • Support for custom or contributed modules outside The College Drupal 8 distribution.
  • Support for custom or third-party code embedded by the unit or a vendor into a web page.
  • Development of custom code or new features.
  • Content support, such as assistance uploading documents, updating text on a web page or changing menu items, etc.
  • Advanced configuration of Drupal components, such as building new content types or views.

Roles and access
Access to the hosting environment and codebase is limited to The College web team. Think of The College Drupal Distribution as a lease/rental agreement versus ownership. High level changes and adjustments are permitted, but administrative access and low level code changes and customizations are not. Learn more about customizing your site.

Support team