Degree pages

The College Drupal distribution auto-generates degree pages for academic units when the degree module is enabled on academic sites. The module is not enabled by default. 

  • No setup or configuration necessary for units
  • Each degree page starts with content from the catalog
  • Most of the individual degree pages can be customized

When the module is enabled, degrees lists can be found at:

  • /degrees/undergraduate
  • /degrees/graduate
  • /degrees/certificates

How to customize a degree page

  1. Go to the degree page and click the Edit tab
  2. Update or add content to the fields
    • Metrics require a number/value, a label, and a link
    • Images should be a path to an image file on the site
  3. Click save

How to customize a degree list page

  1. Go to Manage > Structure > Block layout in the admin menu (/admin/structure/block). 
  2. Click on the Custom block library tab
  3. You should see blocks listed for:
    • Undergrad Degrees Header
    • Graduate Degrees Header
    • Certificate Programs Header
  4. Click the edit button next to one of the blocks to edit its fields