Page types

The College Drupal Distribution has two page types by default. Landing pages are usually used for the home page and other top level pages but there are no restrictions on when to use each type. You can also create your own custom page types with their own fields and layout options.

Landing page

  • No default structure, flexible layout options
  • Can contain any content, including full-width elements
  • Good for top level pages

Basic page

  • Has a basic structure: left column 
    with menu, title and body field
  • Optional image hero
  • Can contain other types of content 
    below the body
  • Good for secondary and interior 

How to add a page

1. From the admin menu, click Shortcuts, then Add content.

2. Select a type of page to add, Landing, Basic, or other if available.

3. Add content to the page. Learn more about content you can put on a page

4. Click save.